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And That’s Only the Start Because

And That’s Not All:

       I created this account WITHOUT cheats, bots, hacks or private servers... (get a sneak peak of it below)

       You won’t have hours of reading in front of you… the thought of reading 300 paged "guides" makes my stomach turn

       You DON’T NEED to join a top guild or play hundreds of hours as a "hardcore gamer" to get what they have…

       I’m going to drop everything you need right in your lap with a top down system for dominating every aspect of World of Warcraft...


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From: Max Lee

Dear Friend,

If you’re anything like the gamers I talk to every day, you spend a lot of time right now playing World of Warcraft trying to be one of the "elite" few who is at the top of the server. You might even play hours at a time ... and it may have a negative impact on certain parts of your life.

If you’re like most people, you’ve bought into the mega-promises of the so-called "pros" out there... the guys who claim their strategies will give you everything you need to dominate this game. Maybe you’ve bought memberships, eBooks, add-ons, and videos that all claim they will help.

Where did they lead you?

You would think you’d be a top player by now... a world class PvP dominator, a gold millionaire, a holder of many world firsts and all the legendary and rare items in the game. After all, those programs are supposedly “guaranteed” to work.

But they are NOT.

Where did you go wrong?

It's Not YOUR Fault

Listen – this isn’t easy. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but… right now, those so called pros are laughing their way to the bank with your money. I’m not mentioning any names here, but these guys have been dumping loads of halftruths and partial information on players like you just so they can make a few quick bucks.

Some of these guys don’t even play World of Warcraft. Why do you think everything they send you is in writing. Where is the proof? The videos showing off their characters with all the cool stuff they claim they earned? Nowhere in sight I’m afraid.

The only two things they are good at:

Showing off killer screenshots of someone else’s accounts


Getting you excited about things you’ve been trying to do for years!!

That’s where I come in.

My name is Max.

You’re reading this right now because you are ready to take control of your gaming experience in World of Warcraft and one of my partners told you about this amazing opportunity.

Why haven’t you heard of me before? Because I’ve been busy playing the game.

The problem with the other so-called "experts" out there is that they don’t actually play the game. They spend all their time trying to sell their next big system to players like you instead of actually dominating the content they claim they are so amazing at.

The average player? They don’t stand a chance using the strategies being dished out by guys like that.

Us? We’ve been playing World of Warcraft since day 1 and the truth is in the screenshots:

When I read sites or check up on my fellow gamers, I always wonder, why are people bending over backwards to get ahead with tired old strategies, when they could be dominating the game with actual proven strategies?

It all started in college when Tony and I met... We were smart guys, but we were suckers for a good game and when World of Warcraft came along, we HAD to be in there, playing the MMO of the decade.

It didn’t start out well though. We were not very good at first. I don’t have to tell you what it is like to be a noob. The endless defeats in PvP battlegrounds. The complete lack of gold whenever you try to buy ANYTHING you need.

Back then, the eBooks were not as good as they are now, but I read them anyways. PvP tips. Levelling guides. Gold guides. I read them all and it got me nowhere. Then I realized why – I was better than the guide writers.

Somewhere along the way, my noob flailing had turned into real experience and I didn’t need fake experts to show me the basics any longer. I needed real tips. And the only one who could put those together was me.

Yeah, it was a little nuts.

And the craziest thing was that this was before WoW had been watered down for new players. Players who dominated the game played for HOURS every day – endless hours upon hours of gameplay and they still didn’t necessarily make it.

I Was Going to get Better and it Would NOT Involve:

 Farming for Gold

 Begging for Slots in Raids

 Macro Spamming for Wins

 Bots or Cheats

 Playing the Game Like a 13 Year Old Girl


The Shocking Part of this all?...

It worked. I started making A LOT of gold, my arena ranking jumped and I was getting into end-game raids and moving up in the game more without playing nearly as many hours

I’ll admit it – I thought this was a complete fluke. I wasn’t going to stop, but I definitely didn’t expect to make it to the top of the charts doing this stuff.

But, I was selling myself short. I wasn’t just doing better in there. I was blazing thorugh content at rates I had never before expected.

I’m not trying to brag here. I just want to show you that it doesn’t require 15 hours a day of farming  on Battlegrounds and mining nodes to get somewhere in this game. You CAN spend only 2-3 hours a night and actually reach the top.

There’s Just One Catch: Everything you’re doing right now must stop!

You've been misinformed and misled, force-fed thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is blocking you from getting the success you want to amass.

Here are the cold, hard facts...


Without devoting at least 4 hours a day to the game...you're screwed. You can't even consider being at the top of your server, right?



Here’s what I figured out. The reason that more than 90% of the people in the game fail is because they think they absolutely must play for hundreds of hours a month to get anywhere. That’s what the hardcore players tell you – and they’re dead wrong.

So, the big question…

What am I doing to pull off these incredible feats with only a few hours a week of play?

One thing real quick:

  • This is the easiest system you will ever see. We were complete noobs when we changed how we play the game and it worked like crazy!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to MMOs and have horrible reflexes or if you are a complete veteran of dozens of different games.

It will work!

There have been so many people out there trying to tell you that X and Y and Z are not possible, so I completely understand why you don’t trust this kind of system. I wouldn’t either – you’re being asked to trust yet one more really badass player with your money.

But, again, you must ask what system is doing this and how it works so well?

Look, I know it takes hours and hours to create video walkthroughs and tutorials. I know because I’ve done it and it’s not cheap. But, other gurus are seriously cheating you when they don’t bother showing you how do anything in the game.

The way I got to where I am and how you’ll do the same is through honest real world proof. Video walkthroughs, timeless strategies, and unique hotspots that no one else is telling you about.

But, we can’t just keep it to ourselves. I’m not the end all of information sources for WoW. I’m just a gamer like you. So, why would you just want to hear from me?

I don’t know, but that’s why this system is a little different.

And it Takes Community Effort – You Need to Work with People to Be Successful

Instead of spending hours upon hours playing the game by myself and holding all these tips to myself, I’ve spent the last five years sharing with others, asking advice and building bigger and better strategies to help me dominate in this game like no one else.

I have created countless videos and strategies for dozens of games that just plain work.

Raven Mount? Check

Feats of Strength? Check

Super Expensive Mammoth? Double Check

There’s just one problem for those that want to join us at the top.

You need a system.

You need someone to show you how to take the everyday, mundane activities that most WoW players engage in day after day and turn it into big time returns.

And you need to be able to ask questions, get advice from fellow gamers and work with players just like you to make these strategies better.

But, Max, you say – that doesn’t exist.

Well, my friend, things change and today you’re about to find out what a real cooperative gaming guide is all about.

Warcraft Conquest is the ultimate game guide experience, featuring dozens of videos covering every aspect of the game from newbie intros to end-game raiding. This is a system developed by real gamers... It works because it has been tested, and the proof is in the video.


We’ve been fine tuning the details for months now, preparing in-depth video content designed to show you exactly how we’ve done everything in this game.

With this unique, community approached guide, you...

    Don’t need to be a "hardcore player" with hundreds of hours to invest into the game (we streamline it all)

    Don’t have to farm for hours to get enough gold for these strategies (farming is lame)

    Don’t need to break any rules or cheat to get ahead (never, ever!)

    Don’t need to have hundreds of high rankings friends and inside connections to pull this off (we’re your connections!)

In fact, in as little as a few minutes, Tony and I will help you overhaul your main character and account to play faster, smarter and better than  you ever have before. Every month, new content like the items listed below will be added to your account as you progress through EVERYTHING Blizzard has to throw at you.

All you need is a computer, a keyboard and your very own World of Warcraft account.

Enough about how amazing your account is about to become. How will you get there? Like I said, we’ve been working on this system for what seems like 6 years now (it’s nearly been!) and it’s unlike any other guide system you’ll ever see for World of Warcraft.

Here’s what you will get with Warcraft Conquest:

We’ve recorded and outlined every single instance in Cataclysm – every raid, every heroic, and every dungeon laid out clearly so you never have to wonder what you should be doing when you set foot in the game each day.

You Will Learn:

    The perfect raid composition and setup for each instance in the game.

    How to setup and start each raid boss, with special tips to help you avoid wipes

    The secret strategies used by heroic decked players to dominate end-game content

    How to get the most gold and reward out of every dungeon run


Just try to find useful information about PvP on the Internet. All you’ll find are a few text guides and a boatload of outdated forum conversations. PvP is tough, but with these regularly updated videos you will always have everything you need to dominate each battleground and the arena season after season.

You Will Learn:

    How to dominate in both casual and rated battlegrounds day after day!

    Which character classes and specs are best for each type of PvP

    Step by step tactics for every battleground in World of Warcraft

    Walkthroughs of the big-time outdoor PvP in from "old school" Wintergrasp to Tol’Barad


Too many guides these days assume you know exactly how your character should be setup. They assume you have the perfect strategy already in place to dominate your server. If you did, why would you buy a guide? We need something more, and that’s why I’m offering you a collection of videos that help you master every aspect of your character.

You Will Learn:

    How to pick the perfect talent specialization for each character and build in the game.

    How to tweak your spec for every roll imaginable, including PvP, tanking, and healing.

    Where to find those elusive pets and mounts you’ve always wanted

    What you’re missing on your class – the tricks and tactics that NO player should be without.

" When Max told me that he’d gotten his fourth legendary a few months ago, I wasn’t shocked. This guy is an animal and he’s been doing it for years. We want to show you how to become that kind of player... the one other people expect to be the best around. "

You Will Learn:

    Master the most elusive reputation factions in the game, from Sporeggar to Timbermaw

    How to find those ultra-rare vanity items like Time Lost Figurine and Orb of Sin'dorei

    The secret strategies I used to find and put together legendary items


Have you ever wondered what the point of all these strategy guides is when you don’t even have the skills needed to master your character? Players are trying to run before they know how to walk and it’s making some so-called veterans very rich while the rest of us run in circles. I won’t do that – I will show you what it actually takes to DOMINATE with your character.

You Will Learn:

    How to pick the perfect class/race combo, where to level and what you’ll run into in World of Warcraft ... (yes we cover every class together with every spec)

    The best Crowd Control strategies on the Internet from one of the web’s best.

    Choose the perfect character strategies for faster levelling, and stronger performances when you reach level 85.

  • You’ve already reached Tier 11 and haveover a million gold – If you’re at the top of your game, I’ll be honest – there isn’t much more I can teach you. I created Warcraft Conquest because I wanted to help new players and struggling intermediate players to get past the hump and really enjoy one of the best games on the planet. If you’re already there, this won’t offer what you’re looking for.

  • If you expect to reach level 85 and get rich without doing anything – I can’t level your character for you. And I won’t send you a quarter million gold in the mail. You need to do the hard work laid out in these videos, but when you do, trust me – it will be well worth  the effort.

  • You want to dominate PvE and PvP at Level 85 – Not just play the content, but dominate it from start to finish. This is a real chance to be the absolute best at something with strategies we’ve laid out for you.

  • You’re tired of being looked down on by the high end guilds running around Orgrimmar or Stormwind – I was a lowbie too and I hated it. That’s why I created Warcraft Conquest. To help noobs reach the top.

This is the chance you’ve been waiting for. It’s finally available for you in a format that makes sense and with an update system that will work. Don’t waste any more time with those boring old text guides – check out what makes Warcraft Conquest different today:

>>> Seriously, I’m Ready to Try This! <<<


Well, the real question you should be asking is how much is it worth to you to have your character decked out in full epics, have more gold than you can spend, never fear getting ganked, win nearly every duel and have us taking you by the hand and literally forcing you to dominate on your server?
It's a simple answer.. "Priceless"
Not only so, but if you were to hire a "professional" Chinese farming company to farm the arena points and gold for you, you'd not only end up paying nearly $700 but also risk getting your account banned.
Listen, we've battled with this decision for weeks. Originally I 'toyed' with the idea that $67 would be a fair price to ask. After all we're giving away the exact techniques that allow us to make a killing in the game. Literally every last secret.
However, after seeking the thoughts of a number of esteemed players, the consensus was that we were being utterly reckless...
Some suggested $97, others said $197... hell, a top arena team in my battleground group said I'd be a lunatic to release this information for any less than $500 bucks... and that was after begging me not to sell it all... (he's knows the scale of competition that'll inevitably be created!)
Truth is though, if I were to charge $97 or even $197 for this amazing blueprint you'd still be getting a major unfair advantage guaranteed to accelerate your gameplay and it would be frankly astonishing if you are not the topic of your realm forums within a week or two.
But you're not going to have to pay nowhere near that amount.
Listen, I got thinking, and remembered the time when we were in the same position as you... desperate to make more gold, wanting to own in PvP so bad but not knowing which way to turn...
It suddenly dawned on me what this information would have meant to me back then. How much faster I would have got to where I am today if I had known this stuff...
Point being, I genuinely want to make it a full proof certainty that you avoid this situation.... and quickly realized that if I were to charge $197 bucks, then it would be out of the reach of the masses. The people who need it most.
So here's what we decided...
We will virtually give away a very limited number of copies... and after that revert the price back to what we originally decided. In other words $67.
So to make sure that you get your hands on this information, no matter what your situation, we are practically committing "online suicide" by allowing you to try the whole package for just...

That’s not a misprint, it's not a typo and it’s not a joke. After that, you'll have to pay the full cost. No if's no but's...
Look, don't be deceived by the price...
...With the 3 hours of tutorials and the blueprints showing you how to copy the exact strategies we used to rank top 10 in my battlegroup .... insane gold strategies, not to mention the proven template strategies that you can replicate, we are sure you'll agree that...

...This Is *Incalculable* Value
And to top it all off... Here's:


It's simple. Make a Killing
Or Your Money Back...


Your order is protected by our fully unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee...


I know that you want access to the same advanced techniques that the elites use.


And I know that you have the best chance to profit with the training inside our exclusive club - but I want to ensure you are fully protected, which is why we are offering you a full 60 days to test drive our system and see why we have successfully trained up over 18,000 players just like you in the last 2 years.


Our Famous "Dog Ate It" Guarantee

If you don't feel you got MORE than your money's worth, send us an email with the title "the dog ate it" and get a full refund, no questions asked! We'll have your money back in 48 hours, your membership will be cancelled, and your fee fully refunded. You can cancel your membership at any time, and for ANY reason.


That's how certain we are that you are going to love our proven system and make it work for you.


You will only pay $17 a month - and you will be our instant access page. Future payments will be billed at $17 on the same day each month until you cancel payment. You can easily cancel subscription in the member's area.




It's decision time: kill, or be killed...

At the moment, many of your competitors are using these techniques against you. The question now is whether you want to take advantage and protect yourself from the inevitable onslaught. The gains are monstrous, but the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop.... you have been warned...

In essence, you have no real choice. You must act fast.



(Clickbank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.)


Note: Upon completion of payment, click on "Return to Merchant" and Clickbank will direct you to a page to the members area. This means that you can join at anytime of the day, even at 2 a.m!



Max Lee


P.S. Don’t forget... We're limiting seats to only 100 76 31 members... We want this club to be totally exclusive. We don't want the information that we reveal to be used against our own members. And once we sell out (which is going to be really soon), there's no telling when we're opening doors again...


PP.P.S. If you are not satisfied with Warcraft Conquest, we will be happy to free up your spot for someone else. Just send us an email at the contact button below, and we’ll send you a 100% refund, no questions asked.


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